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Miami Aluminum Pergolas

We’re a family owned and operated business!  We love to design outdoor door spaces. We are innovative, professional and strive for customer satisfaction. Let build the pergola of your dreams. Miami Aluminum Pergolas exceeds client expectations, meeting the highest of standards.

We build quality aluminum pergolas

Engineering Aluminum Pergolas

We work with a team of engineers to develop the highest standards for our products. We’ve developed a reputation for quality and consider it to be the best form of advertisement when it comes to our pergolas.  

Therefore, we gain tremendous professional and personal satisfaction knowing we’ve delivered a product that provides enjoyment but also increases the value of our customer’s home.

Why Choose Us

Best Price

Our pricing is among the most competitive in the market, providing clients with the greatest possible value money can buy!

Best Quality

Our aluminum pergolas are built to the highest standards, utilizing only top-quality materials. The pergolas have built in gutters. Remote control as well as pole mounted switches to make operating your pergola convenient and easy to enjoy!

100% Satisfaction

We ensure your satisfaction, our staff is available to support you throughout the project, offering guidance every step of the way!

FAQ about our aluminum pergolas

Unlike the traditional pergola, our louvered pergolas have a roofing system that opens and closes
automatically based on weather, making it easy to enjoy all year!

Your aluminum pergola comes with a remote control and wall switch that allows you to open and close
it. There are also sensors that will automatically open and close the louvers based on weather

Yes, we work with clients to find the best fit taking into consideration your space as well as your needs!

Your pergola comes with lighting, and remotes. Yes, you can also add side louvers, curtains, glass
panels, and much more.

White and Earth are standard colors, however you can choose a custom color for an additional price.

Our pergolas are made of top-quality aluminum and include a top layer powder coat. In addition we use
stainless steel fasteners, making them extremely secure and durable.

We provide value and reliability. Our pergolas offer standard components that other companies will
charge extra to provide such as lighting and pole mounted controls.

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