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Backyard & Outdoor Entertainment

Did you know that spending time outside is good for you?  Maybe you’ve heard people say “go breathe some fresh air, it’ll be good for you”.  We now know these folks knew a thing or to. There’s a study in the Journal of Environmental Science and technology which states: 

 “In a meta-analysis of ten studies, they found that getting outside—and moving—for as little as five minutes at a time improved both mood and self-esteem.” 

Imagine if your created the perfect backyard entertainment area, there’s no telling what this can do for your mood and overall health. Now, when it comes to setting up an enjoyable outdoor terrain, there are many ideas that can make your yard both beautiful and functional. Also, you don’t need to bring in all the bells and whistles at once, you can make creating your outdoor entertainment area part of the fun.  

Start by considering what are the best ways for you to enjoy the space. 

If you love grilling, consider allocating a space for an outdoor kitchen. Our friends at have an array of highly adaptable outdoor kitchens. Start with simply a grill or purchase an entire kitchen complete with a sink and cabinets. 

Today’s flat screen compact television design makes it easy to mount a television under any covered terrace. Adding a television to your backyard entertainment ensemble makes it easy to do guided exercises, listen to the news, and watching sports as you enjoy the great outdoors.  Be sure to do your homework before buying an outdoor TV for your backyard entertainment center, here’s a great article that gives some insights.

Speakers are always a great idea, as they allow you to listen to music while your gardening or entertaining guests. There are many wireless speaker options in the market which can easily connect via Bluetooth to your phone. We love the outdoor speakers system planning guide over at Crutchfield that provides great ideas on how far apart you should set up your speakers and what are some of the basics when it comes to installation and wiring.  

No Matter How You’re Planning on Using the Space, You’ll Probably need a sitting area.

Even if you are the busy body that spends most of the time moving around the yard, the guests, friends, or family you’re entraining outdoors will only feel welcome if they have a place to sit.  Creating a covered space to accommodate chairs or even a dining table is always a great idea for your outdoor entertainment area. Consider installing an aluminum pergola for extended durability.  This is also the best way to preserve the integrity of your outdoor furnishings and equipment. A pergola or covered terrace will protect your items from the sun and elements. Here’s an article on the popularity of pergola building.

The Final Details For Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Consider installing fans, warming lamps or a fire pit. These details don’t just enhance the outdoor entertaining experience, they also improve the look and feel of the space. Your backyard will feel like it’s now part of your home. Consider using a variety of lighting such as tiki torches or string lights in close by trees. You can also consider a chandelier or lanterns to create ambience. 

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