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What is a better investment wood or aluminum for my pergola?

So you finally decided on building a pergola. What’s next? Like most people you are probably trying to decide which option is best for your needs. There are many factors to choose from when making such an important decision. Usually, the number one factor is cost, stability, and life span. Once you make it through that phase then you are probably trying to decide on which material to use. Typically that decision is left to Aluminum or Wood. Both are great options but here is a list of factors that could help you decide.

Your first investment option is Wood

Wood is a good start. It is the traditional classic look of pergolas. It can be cut into many different shapes, stained or painted. There are also several different species of wood to choose from.


Wood is extremely versatile, so the options are endless. It is easy to customize so you can decide on your sun-to-shade ratio. It’s a safer design if you are ever concerned with making something look too modern. It is also great for small-scale designs such as a cover for gardens or patios.


While there are many pros to utilizing wood for your pergola, as stated early, wood is probably not the best choice when taking on large scaled projects. In addition, wood needs to be treated by staining or painting it to help reduce the effect of outdoor elements. These elements can cause your wood to warp, dry rot, crack or swell. There are a few types of wood like cedar that naturally repel insects, however, most woods are still prone to insect activity and moisture problems.

Although you can customize your wood with paint, finish or stain, over time these design elements may begin to chip, peel, dry rot, or fade causing your investment to not be as beautiful as it was or possibly cause a safety hazard by being unstable. The elements will also require you to scrap, sand down, repaint or refinish every few years. In closing, the list of cons for wood pergolas requires the most upkeep and maintenance to keep their beautiful appearance, and failure to do so will shorten its lifespan and decrease the amount of your investment.

Next up is Aluminum

While aluminum pergolas are just as beautiful and versatile as the traditional wood pergola it also has additional benefits. It is great for creating a modern aesthetic for your outdoor space. It can be treated to give it a wood-grain look so it can appear to still have the traditional classic look of wood pergolas.


Aluminum has a better lifespan, it’s more durable and essentially maintenance-free. It’s cost-effective and like wood, it can also be customized with colors and wraps to include a woodgrain wrap to give it a wood-like appearance. It is lightweight yet durable making it easy to install.


Unfortunately, there are not many drawbacks to aluminum pergolas. One important factor may be its design element or installation. So when choosing the luxury of an aluminum pergola, it is best to leave the work to professionals. At Miami Aluminum Pergola we are here to help!

Still, Need Help Deciding?

Aluminum pergolas will not rust and unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about dry rot or warping. It’s cost-effective, lightweight, and stronger than wood. In closing, aluminum has a better lifespan that will be sure to last you a lifetime. So go ahead and upgrade your backyard with the luxury of an aluminum pergola, its versatility and life span is worth the investment. Contact Miami Aluminum Pergola to build your pergola.