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What is a Pergola?

Let’s face it South Florida, summers are brutal. Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors to avoid the heat and not enjoying your beautiful outdoor space? Well here is a solution for you. Install a pergola! I know some of you may be wondering, “What is a Pergola?” So to save you the extra effort of doing a google search, a pergola is a unique way to extend your current living space and increases the amount of time that you can spend outdoors. If designed and installed correctly, it can provide enough shade to make those warm summer days enjoyable.

Pergolas offer many different options. Even if you currently have a deck or patio, you can still add a pergola to provide shade for your outdoor living space. Pergolas are able to be custom-made to fit your outdoor space perfectly. It is sturdy enough to be able to hold light fixtures, ceiling fans, and speakers to name a few. There are also different materials that can be used to build pergolas. Some of them are fiberglass, vinyl, pressure-treated wood, cedar wood, and aluminum.

Fiberglass in general is the most expensive, but with price comes significant benefits. Due to its sturdy material, it can extend longer distances without posts giving it a cleaner look. This would be ideal if you had windows or doors that you did not want to block with its post. It can be painted any color to match your home’s exterior or current patio area. Vinyl pergolas are great if you are looking for something with very little maintenance.

Vinyl does not rot like wood, but it is the least strong of the material choices. Also, keep in mind you cannot easily paint vinyl so your color choices are limited. Pressure-treated wood pergolas are often the least expensive option. It can be painted or stained and provides a decent lifespan however pressure-treated wood can warp or crack over time. Cedar pergolas are more expensive than pressure-treated pergolas and will typically last longer. Its natural oils and resins make it less likely to decay, become infested with insects, or dry rot. Aluminum, similar to fiberglass is ideal for creating a more modern look.

However, unlike fiberglass, its material can be treated to give it a wood-grain look. This feature creates the traditional classic wood look if that is what you are going for. Aluminum provides a more flexible option allowing it to be more suitable for any design or application. It also lasts longer, does not rust, and has a lower price point compared to fiberglass. Miami Aluminum Pergola offers aluminum products for their limited maintenance, long life, and affordable cost.

So the next time you find yourself avoiding your outdoor space, remember you can install a pergola. It offers shade to your nonexistent or current deck or patio and will make your time outside more enjoyable. It can extend your current living space while allowing you to soak up some good old Vitamin D, after all, it is doctors’ orders! The choice is up to you on which one you decide to install.