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What is a Pergola?

Information About Pergola | What Is A Pergola

Let’s face it South Florida, summers are brutal. Are you finding yourself spending less time outdoors to avoid the heat and not enjoying your beautiful outdoor space? Well here is a solution for you. Install a pergola! I know some of you may be wondering, “What is a Pergola?” So to save you the extra […]

Backyard & Outdoor Entertainment

Backyard And Outdoor Entertainment Area | Perfect Backyard Oasis Planning Ideas

Did you know that spending time outside is good for you?  Maybe you’ve heard people say “go breathe some fresh air, it’ll be good for you”.  We now know these folks knew a thing or to. There’s a study in the Journal of Environmental Science and technology which states:   “In a meta-analysis of ten studies, […]

5 backyard design ideas

Backyard Pergola Design Ideas | Installing A Pergola In Miami

5 backyard design ideas to consider when building your backyard oasis.   Comfort and visual beauty, everyone is different and taste will very. Therefore you have to design you backyard oasis to your taste.  We can only help by offering ideas / concepts to consider when designing your backyard.  Build a pergola, a tiki hut, shade […]